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Artificial Intelligence systems

Designed to enable true human-centricity

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has many facets. Within SIMON we focus on machine learning and frequently deep learning, in a collection of collaborating microservices. The systems are designed to learn and predict in a feedback loop, to improve as time goes by and more or different information becomes available.

Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence

In its essence machine learning and deep learning systems help make better decisions for you and your customers. Especially deep learning tends to work well in recognizing complex patterns within a lot of 'noise', such as images, video, large transaction streams from multiple sources and audio.

Together with the domain knowledge of our clients this finally opens up true understanding of their customers, lowers costs and frequently leads to totally new horizons and expansion opportunities.


Digital markets don’t just change anymore. They open up and close in a matter of months, with very large first-mover advantages and disruption coming from non-traditional competitors. To lead and win in such an environment, we need to ensure flexibility, speed and reusability. Microservices help. Small containerized applications which have a small specific task and communicate with the others to provide a functionality. Microservices are useful for better performance, ease of maintenance and scaling up when companies grow.

SIMON about Artificial Intelligence:

“The recent surge in Artificial Intelligence capabilities already has a strong impact on our daily lives. Expectations and consumer behavior change accordingly, and even more rapidly. We help companies to understand and respond to this highly dynamic environment.

SIMON deploys Artificial Intelligence systems that are designed to enable true human-centricity, starting from the proposition that every human is unique in their own way and deserves to be treated as such. Our solutions use advanced Machine Learning en Deep Learning techniques in a reusable and scaleable microservices structure, enabling companies to accelerate and adapt their digital strategies faster than ever before.”

Innovation partner for machine learning, deep learning and microservices

Differences between wrong and fantastic services are sometimes subtle and need to be explored through experimentation. New techniques jump on the scene and either disrupt an industry very quickly or fade away. Beyond technical skills and actually delivering deployed solutions, we offer the right team, from UX design to market entry strategies and roll-out to ensure sustained innovation. Our philosophy is the same here as with our self-learning systems: rapid feedback, adaptable teams and deep domain knowledge. Our ambition is to enable your technology, and ultimately market leadership.

Image recognition

Faces, customer, emotions, clothing styles, production errors, logo's, brand names


Buying signals, customer retention, trends, hypes, pricing, dropout, inventory, payment behavior


Recognizing behavior in the physical world, stakeholder analyses, supplier and customer screening


Styling advice, chatbots, planners

Data entry, validation and integrity

Automation of self-service portals, detecting anomalies, correcting wrong inputs, OCR+, vision and gesture based input

Generative design

Fashion co-creation, art and buildings copying a known style, design assistance based on natural language

SIMON is a friend of ISAAC

We all have our expertise. A self-learning or intelligent system often needs to interface and be embedded seamlessly in an architecture, existing or future.

That is why SIMON is a friend of ISAAC. ISAAC is specialized in software development and integration in complex ICT environments.

Discover ISAAC

Deep Learning and AI careers

Are you bitten by the AI, Machine learning and deep learning bug? Playing around in weekends with new frameworks like Keras, Theano, Tensorflow or the many AI-related APIs that are popping up?

SIMON, together with ISAAC, is always on the lookout for great new additions to our team. Experimenting, creativity, getting to results fast and building new applications and systems, that's what we do and excel in. We have specific needs, but are also very open to an exploratory cup of coffee.